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Sustainability at Hotel Altéora Futuroscope

As a long-standing sustainable hotel in Poitiers, Hotel Altéora has been committed to sustainable development for many years now, through an environmentally friendly approach to tourism.

Our efforts to protect the environment

un toit pour les abeilles


Un Toit pour les abeilles

We have been working to save the bees since 2015, by developing colonies and supporting beekeeping by sponsoring beekeepers.

plantation arbres


Planting 2000 trees

To offset the carbon footprint of our customers, partners and suppliers,
in 2019 we made the decision to sponsor a forest regeneration project in Senillé, 30 minutes from the hotel.

marais poitevin


Reviving the Poitevin poplar

We are supporting the launch of an initiative to replant and revive the Poitevin poplar.

Waste recovery and recycling

What we’ve achieved


19% less water use per customer


38% drop in electricity consumption per customer


45% reduction in non-recyclable waste


We collect and recycle face masks.

To reduce waste and recycle masks, we have set up collection points for used face masks in partnership with PLAXTIL and Essaimons


Cigarette butts

We collect cigarette butts which are recycled by MéGO and converted into street furniture.

logo recyclage bouchons


We collect corks, which are reclaimed by Echo-Mer and used for sound and heat insulation for flooring and ceilings, as well as upholstery for footstools and cushions.

Recovering and recycling

Other waste that we recover and recycle:

We recover cooking oil used in the Le Bistro restaurant to make biofuel and collect cans to be recycled.

In 2013 Recy’go partnered with La Poste, the postal service, to provide collection bins. As a result, 500 kg of paper was collected in 2014.

In 2015 we introduced

recycling bins in our rooms and car parks, leading to 1.02 tons of waste being recycled.

We collect:

  • Coffee grounds which release methane and are used as compost and to make electricity;
  • plastic, cardboard, and glass for recycling;
  • ink cartridges for Xerox to recycle;
  • non-recyclable waste such as cans of paint and solvents to be disposed of;
  • batteries to recover the metal that can be reused to make everyday items, such as hardware of car bodywork;
  • and light bulbs, lamps and neon lights.

Saving water and energy

panneaux solaires thermiques

 Solar panels

Installed in 2011

Clean hot water produced by 160m² of solar thermal panels

pompe à chaleur

Heat pumps

 Installed in 2012

Air conditioning and heating from our reversible heat pumps


Centralised Technical Management

 Installed in 2013

Individual temperature controls for each room

Lampe à LED

LED lamp

Installed in 2014

 Light-emitting diode lamp

Preventing food waste

livre anti-gaspi

Les chefs s’engagent (our chefs work sustainably)

In 2017, our chef released a zero waste recipe in this book published by UMIH, with the preface written by Thierry Marx.

mon resto engagé

Mon Resto Engagé (our sustainable restaurant)

The initiative launched by the Vienne and Deux-Sèvres CCIs in partnership with ADEME, DRAAF and the Niortais urban community, supports traditional catering professionals in reducing food waste.

Raising awareness all round

What’s more, in addition to our energy-saving facilities, we invite our staff and customers to join us in our efforts, by not changing bed linen and towels every day.

We can go one step further:

sensibilisation consommation eau

Save water

We have placed stickers on bathroom mirrors to encourage customers to do their bit

and avoid wasting water.

poubelle de tri

Recycling bins

All rooms are equipped with recycling bins

consommation électrique

Turn it off!

They appear in all rooms to encourage guests to reduce energy consumption.

Eco-friendly hotel

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