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Employee wellbeing

Our stakeholders at the heart of our mission

To pursue our environmental goals, we decided to involve as many of our stakeholders as possible.

Our Suppliers

They are aware of how we work and are fully on board with our efforts.

They too operate sustainably and responsibly.

We prioritise local suppliers and producers.


Our Cooperative

The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts

The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts is the overarching brand bringing together people within a large community who have a shared vision of the travel and hotel industry. While embracing all the modernity of the digital era, the brand is encouraging hotels to return to the traditional values that travellers are seeking: the human touch, authenticity and respect for the environment.

Our management principles

  • Employees have ownership of their work
  • We accept mistakes
  • We listen
  • There is an annual training plan for all employees
  • A culture of saying thank you
  • Trust
  • Salary transparency
  • We train young people through internships and apprenticeships

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Our values

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Our Certifications

Responsible and Sustainable

Supporting the community

Supporting the


Local, sporting and cultural support



Sustainable Development

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