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The story of Hotel Altéora Futuroscope told through a series of videos and documentaries.

We collect and recycle face masks.

To reduce waste and recycle masks, we have set up collection points for used masks in partnership with PLAXTIL and Essaimons

13 September 2021

Watch our videos for tips on Sustainable Development Week 2021

Sustainable Development Week 2021

How you can do your bit to recycle waste

24 September 2021

Sustainable Development Week 2021

At breakfast: How to avoid wasting food

23 September 2021

Sustainable Development Week 2021

In the bathroom: How to save water and be more eco-friendly

22 September 2021

Sustainable Development Week 2021

In your room: How to save energy and sort waste

21 September 2021

The rest of our story in videos

Home-made Brioche

The Originals Hotel Altéora

Follow the recipe of our very own pastry chef, Kevin Isorez

12 August 2021

Hotel Altéora Futuroscope is rated 9/10!

18 June 2021

World Responsible Tourism Day

A day for raising awareness on best practice and take travellers with us on our journey towards more responsible tourism. How do you plan on being more sustainable?

2 June 2021

Presentation on how we sort and recycle everything from plastic and cardboard to coffee grounds and cigarette butts at Hotel Altéora Futuroscope.

26 September 2019

Our home-made pizza dough recipe

Exclusive behind the scenes footage of how we make our pizza dough in our Le Bistro restaurant.

26 September 2019

Hotel Altéora facilities

At Hotel Altéora we love nothing more than seeing happy customers make special memories. Discover our facilities

6 August 2019

Wild strawberry patisserie

Exclusive backstage access to how to make our wild strawberry dessert, by our pastry chef, Kevin Isorez

2 August 2019

Sponsoring Reforest’Action

The Hotel Altéora team took proactive steps to protect the environment by planting 2000 maritime pine trees.

24 May 2019

After Work Wine Tasting

THE event for wine enthusiasts! Looking back at our fourth wine tasting evening: FOREIGN EUROPEAN WINES. Taste and learn about 5 wines.

23 May 2019

Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous to your health. Drink in moderation.

Meet Aymeric Polenne, one of the world’s best sommeliers

At just 25 years of age, Aymeric Polenne is one of the world’s top sommeliers. Report by Jérôme Vilain, Thomas Chapuzot and Christophe Pougeas
Speakers: Bernard Maret, Director of Parenthèse and Aymeric Polenne, sommelier.

11 April 2019

Duo Day 2019

For Duo Day Hotel Altéora welcomes Fabienne, Nathan and Jean-Pierre!

16 May 2019

Morocco visit

Video of our team’s workshop in Morocco

7 to 10 January 2019

Preventing food waste

Our restaurants are part of the initiative launched by CCI Vienne and CCI Deux-Sèvres, in partnership with ADEME, DRAAF, Grand Poitiers, Grand Châtellerault and the urban community of Niortais.

Oct. 2018

Operation collect paper!

The Eco des Pros supported the Pictas Vienne association by collecting used paper, selling it and donating the proceeds to them. We were a partner and a collection site. The result: We collected 8 tons of paper and cardboard!

06 June 2018

France 3

France 3 report Poitou-Charentes: Employee happiness index

Winners of the NOUS CHRD trophies, Sustainable Development category 2017

We are very pleased to be the Winners of the NOUS CHRD trophies Sustainable Development category at the 65th UMIH congress in Reims on 23 November 2017.

CJD trophy 2014

CJD trophy 2014 overall performance

8 July 2014

Eco-Citoyen: CCI Poitou-Charentes

Eco-citizen trade charter: reduce and recycle waste.

30 January 2015

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